About Us

We guide your innovation journey from concept to successful Go-to-Market!

What we do…

Our mission is to facilitate the emergence of spatial computing experiences and services through our full stack technology and business expertise, working with our partner network of application developers, platform providers, network operators & infrastructure providers and HW manufacturers. 

We provide Technology and Strategy Execution Consultancy focused on Spatial Computing (e.g. Augmented Reality), Telecommunications and Cloud/Edge Computing.

Who we are…

Jesse Bijl – Experienced (>10 years) Product Innovation Professional and consultant in the areas of Telco, Cloud & Apps. He is perfectly able to bridge between business and technology, with strong focus on customer centricity and Go-to-Market.

Thomas Vits – Active in the mobile industry for over 15 years. He worked for device manufacturers, application developers operators and cloud providers on the technology strategy, development and launch of mobile phones and services including VR and AR devices.